SIDS and Kids Queensland receives less than 5% in government funding, the rest is donations, fundraising and a few small local or corporate grants.

YOUR donations WILL make a difference whether it is $2, $200, $2,000 or $2million! If 2% of Queenslanders donates just $2, it would keep the doors and phones of SIDS and Kids Queensland open for 12 months!

YOUR donations WILL pay for critical community services and support that we provide for FREE.  YOUR donations WILL pay for QAULIFIED counselling that impacts the mental health and wellbeing of our families affected by loss.  YOUR donations WILL pay for professional education sessions to save babies lives.   YOUR donations WILL shape and change our abilities to provide our other services for Queenslanders

On behalf of SIDS & Kids we would like to thank all of our Sponsors to date.

All of the venues who have put up prizes for the local competitions – Pine Beach Hotel, Allenstown Hotel & The Lionleigh tavern.




MAJOR Sponsors

SeaFM – for sponsorship of the first round at the Pine Beach Hotel – Emu Park – March /April 2015


MINOR Sponsors

Carolyn’s Bookkeeping Training Service $250 cash for Grand Final

BrainWaves $100 cash for Grand Final

Green Brothers for $400 in Store Vouchers for Grand Final

Officeworks $50 for Grand Final

CAROLYN’S BOOKKEEPING & TRAINING SERVICE is all so volunteering time for Bookkeeping and Web Site development & Management